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Learning to be the man that God created me to be

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I am married and experience same-sex attraction (SSA). Yes, my wife knows about my attractions. No, I don’t have a secret boyfriend behind my wife’s back. And yes, it’s a heterosexual marriage. While marriage isn’t the cure or redemption to SSA, I could only give of myself entirely in marriage after a long process of redemption, conversion and surrendering my

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A Good Sex Talk for Parents


By Joanne Koh   Renowned Catholic author and chastity speaker Jason Evert spoke to more than 1,400 parents in two sessions at The Church of Divine Mercy in Pasir Ris, on Jan 14. During the sessions, he explained that many young people have misunderstandings about intimacy and sexuality as they do not think much about the purpose and the meaning

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10 Ways to help your Children live out the Virtue of Chastity


Renowned author and speaker Jason Evert presented a series of talks to parents, young adults and youth on 14 January, enlightening audiences with his down-to-earth and practical perspectives on love, relationships, marriage and sex, seen through the Catholic faith. At his morning sessions for parents, Jason presented 10 tips that parents can use to help their children live the virtue of

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Parents must fight “ideological colonisations that poison the soul and the family”

Young girl smiles as she embraces Pope Francis during audience for families participating in pastoral conference of Diocese of Rome.

Here is the translation of the address of Pope Francis at the opening of the Ecclesial Congress of the Diocese of Rome, held in Saint Peter’s Square:   Good evening! The forecasts yesterday, in the late evening, said rain for today, for this afternoon and this evening! Yes, it’s true, there is a rain of families in Saint Peter’s Square.

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Called to greater love

Love We give this word different meanings. For some, love is a warm fuzzy feeling of affection. But if someone loves us with such an understanding, we would find his love unstable and dependent on his feelings. We seek a more dependable, lasting and reassuring love. If someone claims to love us, but is not prepared to make even little

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Pope Francis’ address to participants in the International Colloquium on the Complementarity between Man and Woman

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I cordially greet you and I thank Cardinal Müller for the words with which he introduced this meeting. 1. I would like to begin by sharing a reflection on the theme of your colloquium. “Complementarity” is a precious word, with multiple values. It can refer to various situations in which one component completes another or compensates

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