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THANK YOU for the wonderful turnout for our event featuring Jason Evert ‘LIVE’ in Singapore! We hope you enjoyed the event and benefitted much from it.
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Almost 7,000 people turned up on Jan 14 to attend talks on love and chastity by Jason Evert, a renowned American author and motivational speaker.

Organised by the Archdiocesan Commission for the Family (ACF), the one-day event comprised four sessions – two similar talks at the Church of Divine Mercy for parents and one each for young adults and youth at Max Pavilion.

The first talk of the day saw Jason speaking to parents about educating their children on sexuality.

In the afternoon, Jason then spoke to young adults about ‘Finding Love that Lasts’.

The event began with a welcome address by ACF Chairperson, Dr John Hui, followed by a
performance by Corrinne May, who shared her thoughts about love through music and personal anecdotes.

With his engaging and entertaining style, Jason shared comical narratives to illustrate the complexities relationships faced against the cynical landscape of modern society. Jason explained how fast-moving, intense relationships threatened the value of chastity.

The youth talk, ‘Love Matters’, saw Jason at his signature best, offering tips in between hilarious insights and examples to help youths navigate the choppy waters of love without sacrificing their morality. Preceding the talk for the youth was a Mass celebrated by Archbishop William Goh and concelebrated by seven priests.


Check out our reports on the morning session for parents and the afternoon and evening sessions for youths and young adults.



A Good Sex Talk For ParentsFinding Love that LastsLove Matters

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More photos here.



“Jason was definitely engaging and funny, so time with him flew by easily. He made many valid and important points at his talks be it addressed to the parents or youths. One of his points which cannot be underscored enough is the relationship between fathers and daughters, parents and children, in the imparting of moral values. Another one is we must teach our young men what it means to be gentlemen and our young ladies what they should expect from their dates – that is, break it down for them. His example to be a gentleman means to give his date the best view of the restaurant and the guy should save his eyes for the girl by having the wall view is a practical example. Jason doesn’t just expect boys and girls to know how to behave, he teaches them concrete ways. ACF should think about following up today’s talks with another talk perhaps entitled “Christian Courtship”, on how to woo like a gentleman and what a lady should expect.”

“For me, he was on-point and succinct. And so direct, which I appreciate. He didn’t beat about the bush, he was humorous and also open. Very relevant and useful tip that we can immediately adopt in everyday life. I really enjoyed the talk. What I also appreciate is the reality of the issues that he addressed, and the consequences our actions has on our children and how to overcome them. And that his points and arguments are scripture based. Some times, at talks, you have a feeling that the speaker is always focused on themselves and their experiences and it’s all about them – with Jason I didn’t feel that at all. It was very sincere and focused on his ministry, his purpose. His knowledge and arguments backed by research and journals also gave his presentation a lot of credibility. I was very enlightened. From a culture of prayer, to teaching our kids how to date … I would listen to the talks again, and share it with my friends. Thank you to you and your team who made it possible. I would like to hear him again if there was another opportunity to.”

“The event was exactly what I needed as someone who has been slacking off in the faith, with my wedding coming up in 11 months. Jason dropped a whole lot of bite-sized nuggets of information in a way I could I truly appreciate. I could relate to his jokes and stories. The two main takeaways for me were (1) that the love of the Father know no bounds, and (2) It’s time to stop procrastinating and try to be more like Pope Saint John Paul II – someone who could hear and feel God call out from behind closed doors. Overall, the location, logistics and ticketing were all excellent. Having Corrinne May as a surprise performance was truly icing on the cake. If there was anything that could be improved on, it would be to have bigger and clearer signages to direct people around and also towards the sales booths (but your super friendly ushers were there to help, so no issue).”


“The afternoon and evening sessions were great. Jason gave lots of examples and stories. Making chastity as a virtue very real and not just an idea. His presentation (tone, facial expressions, hand/body gestures) were good. You can’t fall asleep in his talk! My sister went for the morning session. She mentioned that Jason Evert knew how to tailor the talks and examples to the various type of audience and relate to them. Corrinne May was awesome. The only problem I saw was the booth for selling books and t-shirts. I could not tell where the booths were. And some of my friends just gave up and went home although they wanted to buy stuff too.”



“I drove from KL to Singapore to attend this event. I’m preparing 22 kids for confirmation in KL and we brought a handful of them down to hear Jason speak. I was impressed at how he spoke so fluently for 1.5 hours without notes and moved smoothly from point to point. I learnt that it’s never too late to cleanse yourself and that someone who has had a bad start on the relationship front can re-start at any time. With three girls of our own, (ages 12, 15 and 18) this talk was very valuable to me. Unfortunately, my husband could not attend the sessions, but I hope to get him to watch the talks later. I’m thankful that he’s a vocal and active dad with a huge positive influence on his girls. He fills in gaps I cannot fill as their mum. My 15-year-old daughter really enjoyed his evening talk and learnt a lot from it. She liked Chrystelina’s idea of writing to her future husband. Thank you.”

 “It was a great initiative for ACF to have brought this wonderful speaker in to Singapore. I feel he’s a great role model for us as parents as well as the youth. Most importantly, he could relate so well with the young and has definitely created an impact on them. I dare believe our two boys are convinced chastity is to be kept till marriage. It was rather unfortunate that they had to turn away quite a lot of people for confession after creating the mood and atmosphere. But I guess that could not be helped. Overall, great job!”



“My husband and I went with our two children and our godson. We had an amazing time. My son was the last in the queue for Confession. On the way there, he saw a friend and the friend was dithering so he encouraged the friend to go together. I brought a church friend, and her family. She  was crying throughout Adoration. She said tickets way underpriced. The presence of the Holy Spirit … felt it as soon as Archie walked in for Mass. We were there for 6 hours … didn’t feel like it. Thank you, again.”



“The event was so Spirit-filled! And praise the Lord: my non-Catholic, Protestant, friend whom I brought along has said “yes” to Jesus and wants to commit to battle all sexual sin! The person broke off immediately the unhealthy relationship after the talk when she went to have dinner with the guy.”

The morning sessions with the parents were very good. In a funny and engaging way, Jason managed to cover a lot of topics. It spoke a lot to me and challenged me to continue to grow. Leading by example was his main massage, I believe, when it comes to teaching your children chastity. I was also happy he not only spoke out against contraception, but also said that NFP is not the default Catholic way; openness to having more children is the default way, NFP is only used (to help to get pregnant or) in case there are serious reasons a couple cannot handle more children for emotional, physical, psychological and emotion reasons. That is a challenge not too often preached in Singapore. Many a times it seems it would be enough to change contraception into NFP, rather than radically changing the mindset about kids. I felt encouraged by what he said.


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