New Distance Learning Course Focused on Marriage and the Family comes to Singapore


St John Paul II said that we “are created for love and communion”. But as the institution of marriage and the foundations of the family come under increasing threat, it is of paramount importance for Catholics to know and understand the teaching of the Catholic Church on these matters.

A Catechesis on Marriage and Family is a new course that looks at God’s beautiful plan of love that is lived in a special way through the vocation to marriage and family life, and will bring together the reality of who we are, and the richness of our life’s experience, in light of the Catholic faith. It is in this light of Faith that we can really know who we are, the meaning of our lives and the truth about God’s plan for marriage and family life.



This six-month distance learning course conducted by Maryvale Institute comprises two modules and two study days; one study day for the introduction of each module. Each module involves 10 weeks of self-study and a further two weeks for a written assignment to cement the learnings and allow personal reflection. The course will commence on 4 November this year with the first study day.


To find out more, call Bernard and Ying Thio at 9787 9705, or sign up at