One Bread, One Body

ACF Famfare Eucharist

By Corrinne May


Back in May, Mary’s month, our little family of three, Kavin, Claire and myself, decided to pray the family rosary every night before going to bed. No matter how tired we were, nor how much Claire protested about being too sleepy and only wanting to say one decade of the rosary, we soldiered on through all five decades each night. It’s funny how virtue is strengthened through the practice of it, and so, the habit of praying the rosary every night has become for us, a wonderful way to bond with each other in prayer, to lift up each other in our spiritual needs and to teach each other to care for those beyond our little family circle, to lift others up in prayer as needed. For we are all one Body in Christ.

The other big milestone in our family spirituality was Claire’s reception of her first Holy Communion on Good Shepherd Sunday, May 7th of this year.

Over the past year or so, Claire had been increasingly expressing her yearning to receive Jesus in the Eucharist. She finally got her wish to receive Jesus with the rest of her second grade classmates at St Mel’s elementary in Los Angeles. For a child who, since the age of four, has heard the voice of the Good Shepherd through the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, it was truly a blessing for Claire to be called to the table and to receive the Eucharist on Good Shepherd Sunday.

As for me, I feel such joy, knowing that Claire can now receive at every mass, the best gift that God gives us here on earth; the intimate union with Him, wholly present in the Eucharist – His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. When we receive the Eucharist, He expresses His Love for us, one-on-one, in the deepest recesses of our hearts and minds, body and soul. What a supreme gift!

On that day of Claire’s first Holy Communion, I felt as if my baby had ‘graduated’ in a sense. The day before her first Holy Communion, we all went to partake of the Sacrament of Reconciliation as a family. And the day that Claire received Jesus was the day where our little family was truly united in Christ for we all received Him at Mass that day.

There is unspeakable grace that flows from the Eucharist and to be able to receive that grace as a family is a blessing beyond words. It is the ultimate ‘superfood’ for the spiritual growth of the family.

This year, we celebrate the centennial of Fatima. According to Sister Lucia, one of the three shepherd children to whom Mary appeared to at Fatima, the final battle between God and Satan will be over Marriage and Family.

Let us strengthen our families to fight the good fight in this spiritual war by heeding Our Lady’s exhortations to pray the rosary, especially with our families. Let us also strive to receive the Eucharist regularly with our families at Mass, to be strengthened in our spiritual journey so as to embrace the cross of Christ and to bear witness to His Truth.