Separating Youth from Family has Disastrous Consequences, says Pope


Pope Francis stressed the importance of family unity when questioned by reporters during an in-flight press conference held on the papal plane on 10 September.

The comments on family were given in response to questions about the recent changes to the U.S. immigration policies. While the Holy Father did not wish to directly comment on the hot-button topic, he focused instead on the importance of a united family.

“Keeping young people away from family is not something that brings good fruit,” he said firmly.

Removing youth from their “roots”, the Pope added, endangers youth and makes them feel hopeless. “Truly, when youth feel, in general, whether in this case or another, exploited, in the end they feel that they have no hope. And who steals it from them? Drugs, other dependencies, suicide…youth suicide is very strong and comes when they are taken out from their roots.”

Pope Francis explained that this social epidemic is why he strongly encourages a close bond between youth and the elderly, “Today’s youth need to rediscover their roots. Anything that goes against the root robs them of hope.”