Symposium on Divorce, Separation and Annulment

Having received a number of enquiries after the symposium on What the Catholic Church Actually Teaches About Divorce, Separation and Annulment on 25 July 2015, we are pleased to make available the presentation of "Embracing Healing Hearts" by Ms Kelvyanne Teoh. Download a copy for yourself.

Those who wish to find out more about the annulment process may call the Marriage Tribunal office at 6288 4659.


Couples enter into marriage with faith and hope that it will be a happy union that lasts. However, there are occasions when a couple faces an unhappy end to their married life together. How can Catholics in such a situation continue their life journey in a way that keeps them in full communion with the Church?

The symposium on divorce, separation and annulment on 25 July 2015 gave participants an insight into the complexity of the issues related to divorce, separation and annulment. Keynote speaker Rev Fr Terence Pereira, as well as other Catholic practitioners in the professional areas of civil law, counselling and therapy served to clarify many areas of confusion, misunderstanding and doubt surrounding this crucial and sensitive subject.

  1. To help concerned Catholics understand Church teachings on this subject;
  2. To understand civil laws and their relationship to canon law;
  3. To recognise and empathise with the feelings of those affected, and provide beneficial support;
  4. To help Catholics understand how to reconcile living a sacramental life with a situation involving civil divorce; and
  5. To demonstrate Church support for those concerned
  • Understanding Church Teachings by Rev Fr Terence Pereira;
  • Understanding Civil Laws by Ms Peggy Yee, Catholic Lawyer;
  • Embracing Hurting Hearts by Ms Kelvyanne Teoh, Principal Therapist, Morning Star; and
  • Other speakers relating their personal struggles and recovery stories
Event Details
Date: 25 July 2015 (Sat) 9am-5pm
Venue: Catholic Junior College Lecture Theatre 2 (129 Whitley Road, Singapore 297822)
Cost: $25 per participant

8.30am - Registration
9.00am - Talks
1.15pm - Lunch (provided)
2.15pm - Talks and Q&A Session with Panel of Speakers
4.00pm - Mass (Celebrant Rev Fr Terence Pereira)
5.00pm - End