10 Ways to help your Children live out the Virtue of Chastity

Renowned author and speaker Jason Evert presented a series of talks to parents, young adults and youth on 14 January, enlightening audiences with his down-to-earth and practical perspectives on love, relationships, marriage and sex, seen through the Catholic faith.

At his morning sessions for parents, Jason presented 10 tips that parents can use to help their children live the virtue of chastity.


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1. Pray for your children
Pope John Paul II often called his own home his first seminary because of his father’s constant prayer life. In addition to prayer, practice fasting and receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation frequently. Seeing your dad in line for confession is worth more than 12 years of Catholic education!

2. Set the standard high and clear for your children
Teach them that “safe sex” is a lie. It’s about risk avoidance, not risk reduction. The journey to living chastity is about making choices that will allow you to live in freedom, not be enslaved to temptation.

3. Be a parent first, not a buddy
Being your child’s buddy can undermine the enforcement of boundaries. Kids have enough buddies but they only have one set of parents.

4. No dating until 16 or older
The purpose of dating is to find a spouse and is not for recreation and sexual pleasure.

5. Have a parenting network in place
Find parents who have the same values as your family. Learn from each other and share like-minded views on parenting.

6. Use Internet monitoring
Have an accounting and filtering software programme (such as Covenant Eyes). No child should have a mobile phone in their room after bedtime. Parents should not accept the common excuses about phones being used as an alarm clock, for instance.

7. Ask good questions, and listen to your teens
In order to build a relationship, parents are encouraged to listen more to what their children have to say. But this means that they have to ask the right questions.

8. Have thousands of talks with your children, not just one “Chastity Bomb” conversation
When you see a commercial using sex to sell something or inappropriate clothing at the mall, use it as a lesson. They are teaching opportunities, and children need to receive a continual formation in human love and sexuality. That’s the best thing a parent can do.

9. Get over your insecurities
Don’t let your own failures prevent you as a parent from being a positive teacher. Parents need to get over their insecurities about this subject and talk to their kids about it on a regular basis.

10. Chastity is a virtue; practice it in your own life
Chastity is about more than abstinence from sex. Within a marriage, it includes being open to accepting children (children are the supreme gift of marriage!). Husbands and wives should learn about and practice Natural Family Planning. The kids are never going to fail to imitate us.


Download an exclusive poster here.

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Archdiocesan Commission for the Family