Every Child is a Child of God (Part 1)

Post Series: Pregnancy Crisis and Support

Life starts at conception and every life is sacred, given by God. No matter the circumstances, no baby’s life deserves to be terminated by an act of abortion. Instead, it is to be respected and given the dignity that he or she deserves as a child of God; made in the image and likeness of God.

Pregnancy Crisis & Support (PCS), a service line of Family Life Society, is a free community programme that aims to support and journey with women facing unplanned pregnancies and to uphold the sanctity of life by saving unborn babies.  Since its establishment over 30 years ago, PCS has saved about 350 babies and helped about 900 mothers.

PCS provides women facing unplanned pregnancies, regardless of their race, religion or nationality, with relevant information and support to enable them to make informed choices, and also “Before and After Care” support. The PCS Team comprises dedicated case workers and trained volunteers, associate therapists and medical practitioners, who provide support in a non-judgemental manner and in strict confidence.

The following story illustrates the difference PCS makes in the lives of pregnant women needing emotional and financial support to be able to carry their pregnancy to term and deliver a life precious from God.

My miracle baby favoured by God - A story of Audrey*, a single mother who braved the odds

I was raised  by a single parent, and given my unstable upbringing, my dream was to  get married and have my own kids. I would do it the “right” way: date, marry, and then build my perfect little family, ideally having twins, a boy and a girl. However, my dreams shattered the day I discovered that I was pregnant out of wedlock.

every child is a child of god

That day, I had started my morning routine just like any other. While having my breakfast, I began to feel nauseous. I took a pregnancy test, which turned out to be positive. My boyfriend accompanied me to the hospital, where we received confirmation that I was pregnant.

Everything happened so suddenly. There were so many things for me to consider.  My first concern was how to break the news to my family. What was I going to say to them? How would my father react? Was I going to be kicked out of the house?

On leaving the hospital, we talked about getting married, which helped calm me down. The following day my boyfriend changed his mind and asked me to go for an abortion instead. At that point, I heartbrokenly agreed.

However, before I could go for the abortion, I was hospitalised for a week with severe injuries after my boyfriend beat me up after an argument. The incident shook me and made me realise then that I had to make a clean break from him. So I ended the relationship.

The hospital doctors advised me to take a month to consider my decision to abort my baby. During that time, I looked to my friends for advice, and sought refuge and support at The Salvation Army, where I had spent eight to ten years of my childhood. A thought was constantly on my mind that month as I spent time reflecting on my situation: “No child is unwanted; every child is wanted by God. There is a reason God allowed this to happen to me”.

The Salvation Army introduced me to Pregnancy Crisis & Support (PCS) and, after some internal battles about bringing my child up in a single-parent environment, I came to the realisation that I had to take responsibility for the consequences of my actions. After feeling confused, guilty and at times angry, I decided to keep my baby. While I knew that I would definitely face difficulties, I stood by my decision and carried the baby to full term.

A tough journey, but favoured by God

The PCS volunteers were always there when I needed someone to talk to. They gave me a sense of hope and confidence. PCS arranged for a Case Worker to journey with me through my pregnancy. The Case Worker kept in touch with me before and after my routine check-ups, and provided useful counsel and advice.

Another struggle that I had was breaking the news of my pregnancy at work.  I feared that I would lose my job. But talking to PCS gave me the courage to break the news to my bosses and colleagues. Praise God! Although the company kept me on the job and paid me through my maternity leave, I still worried about the financial aspects of raising my child single-handedly.

As the time got nearer to deliver, I also worried about the prospect of giving birth. But by God’s grace, I had a relatively painless natural birth that lasted only one hour. My heart was filled with joy when I saw my new-born and his big eyes. That made my decision to keep the baby that much sweeter.

True blessings

I faced many challenges, especially in the months after my baby’s birth. But help soon arrived and I received assistance from PCS’ After Care Support, where essentials like diapers, milk powder and bottles, and baby clothing were delivered to my home. I was also given a lot of encouragement and guidance on breast-feeding.

Through PCS’ referral, I also received support from the Society of St Vincent de Paul (SSVP) by way of cash top-ups and supermarket vouchers.  This has helped lessen my financial burden. Special allowances during festive seasons were bonuses.

Now, more than a year after his birth, my son Joel* is a happy, healthy baby, growing bigger every day.

Moving forward for a better future together

My pregnancy journey has not been an easy one. But I am grateful to be blessed with support from PCS and SSVP. I am especially grateful to the volunteers and my Case Worker, who has remained a friend, a listener, a comforter and a source of counsel.

I now feel more positive and ready for the future. I know that there will still be tough times ahead and many lessons that I will have to learn as a mother. But I now have renewed hope and strength, and believe that nothing is impossible with the grace of God.

(* Names have been changed to protect their privacy)

For pregnancy support or more information:

call the PCS 24/7 Hotline 63399770

email or

visit the PCS office at Agape Village in Toa Payoh.

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