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Negative or Positive?

Post Series: It Takes A Village

Have you noticed that when people meet, often it degenerates into a gossip or complaint session where there is a lot of negativity? Many people are not happy in life because they dwell on the negative and hence are always dissatisfied.

A person can be full of complaints even when he is healthy, has a good career, a loving family and many friends.

How can this person be happy?  He must learn to be grateful for whatever he has (for there will always be others who seem to have more), and compassion for others (for when he thinks of the needs of others, he will be less centred on his own troubles and desires).

In your conversations with your children, do you help them to learn gratitude and compassion? During the coming year-end holidays and activities, will you be setting the right example?

(Reproduced with permission)

Archdiocesan Commission for the Family

Archdiocesan Commission for the Family