Yes, good people fight too…

The first reading from today (Tuesday of week 9 in Ordinary Time) is a wonderful passage (Tobit 2:9-14) for husbands and wives to reflect upon. When Tobit is blinded by an unfortunate incident, his wife Anna has to earn a living for the family. One day, she comes home with a goat, a gift of appreciation from her customers. Tobit, known to be a virtuous and God-fearing man, thinks his wife had stolen the goat out of desperation, became angry with her. On the other hand, Anna, who’s done nothing wrong, rebukes her husband.

As Scripture commentator CF DeVine* put it:

“The kid was given to Anna by her employer over and above her wages. Hence Tobias, knowing that such a thing was not her ordinary wage, and realizing that it was beyond her simple means to purchase, feared that it had been stolen. The domestic altercation that followed is delightful in its realism: the husband reasonably suspicious; the wife in perfectly good faith, and in no mood for argument after a hard day’s work; both quite blameless; and the wife very angry.”

Yes, good people also have emotions, and are also susceptible to anger. Tobit hurt Anna with his lack of confidence in her honesty, and Anna broke Tobit with her death-dealing words about his physical condition. If you’ve quarelled with your spouse, or if you are not speaking with one another, take the first step to be reconciled, and forgive one another. The mission of spouses is to lead their other to Heaven. Let’s keep that goal in mind.



*DeVine, C. F. (1953). The Book of Tobias. In B. Orchard & E. F. Sutcliffe (Eds.), A Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture (p. 398). Thomas Nelson.

Archdiocesan Commission for the Family

Archdiocesan Commission for the Family