The Rosary

By Corrinne May


I have a confession to make. I used to think that praying the Rosary was the most boring thing in the world and that all those little old ladies who would pray before the Blessed Sacrament with their rosaries were most misinformed because I thought that they should be praying directly to Our Lord. Why the need to go through Mary when our Lord was just there in front of them?

Now, I get it. And I am constantly carrying my precious rosary wherever I go. I even sleep with it sometimes. It is the one prayer that gives me much comfort. When I pray the rosary, I feel as if I am holding Mary’s gentle hand and she is praying along with me, turning my heart to contemplate the face of her Son. When I was in labour during Claire’s birth, praying the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary gave me much peace and the strength as I offered up my pangs in union with the sufferings of Our Lord.

How did the change occur from skeptic to devotee? The first time I found myself drawn to pray the rosary was when someone told me that the rosary is not so much about the repetition of the ‘Hail Mary’s as it is about the contemplation and meditation on the scenes of Our Lord’s life. “Think about it as if it were a movie of our Lord’s life playing in your mind. The Hail Mary’s are just supposed to be in the background”, she explained. The timing could not have been better. I had just finished reading an inspiring book about the Power of the Rosary and how the rosary had helped to win many spiritual and physical battles throughout history. I had also felt drawn to the rosary through Pope (Saint) John Paul II’s devotion to the prayer.  In reading St. Louis De Montfort’s ‘True Devotion to Mary’, I had also discovered that Marian devotion was absolutely Christocentric.

Claire now knows that she has two mothers. Mary and myself. She made a little wooden rosary in her preschool back when she was four, but only lately have we begun to pray the rosary as a family together.

I am very proud of my little one. She is now able to lead our little family through a decade of the rosary while she counts each bead off with her fingers and asks “Is it three more left?” when she forgets which bead she is on. I am also happy that my husband Kavin has started to memorise the ‘Hail Holy Queen’ prayer at the end of the rosary.

Through the family rosary, we are growing in love for Our Lord and for Our Lady. Thanks be to God!

Archdiocesan Commission for the Family

Archdiocesan Commission for the Family